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July 2, 2014

Vail Orthopaedics is very involved in Global Health Initiatives Rwanda project this summer.  Dr. Rick Cunningham and his team have completed a one week training at the King Faisal Hospital for arthroscopic ACL repairs. They are now back in Colorado.  Dr. Cunningham will give a report on his team’s work.

Dr. Peter Janes is now at the Children’s Orthopaedic Hospital In Rilima conducting training in the Ponseti method for treating club foot in babies with the technique called serial casting. Paula Enrietto reports 30 attendees from all over Rwanda; they are physical therapists and medical doctors who will diagnose and treat this condition.

Lynda Kithil has arrived in Kigali to finish purchasing supplies for the surgical team for work at Mugonero Hospital next week.  It is amazing to be able to walk into a pharmacy and purchase medications without a prescription!

The rest of the surgical team departs Denver today.  They will be having a little break upon arrival with some of the team going to Ruhengeri for the weekend with an opportunity to visit with a gorilla family!  Another group will travel to Nyungwe Forest for birdwatching.  On Sunday evening, all will arrive at Mugonero Hospital on the shores of the beautiful Lake Kivu.