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Summit County’s 4th annual Community Surgery Day, held Saturday, October 12, at Peak One Surgery Center in Frisco, was started by Dr. Peter Janes of Vail-Summit Orthopaedics four years ago. More than 60 medical professionals donated their time this year including surgeons, anesthesiologists, nursing staff and other health professionals.  17 patients benefited from this amazing community effort. Here are some photos to enjoy:

Left to Right: Kara Ridge Surgical Accounts Representative (VSO), Mindy Britz, Becky Hodgell Data Support Specialist (VSO)

Left to Right: Kendall Tang, Lesley Mahoney, patient, Dr. Scott Raub (VSO)

Left to Right: Calvin Harmann, Patti Janes, Adam Cook R-OT (VSO)

Left to Right: Annie Bowen (VSO) and Dr. Rick Cunningham (VSO)

Left to Right: Maggie Cox, Beth Harmann, Calvin Harmann, Bill Putnam, Maribeth Lencioni, Claudia York

Left to Right: Annie Bowen PA-C (VSO), Beth Harmann, Patti Janes

Left to Right: Patti Janes, Beth Harmann, Annie Bowen PA-C (VSO), Dr. Rick Cunningham (VSO)