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In an interview with MTN Town Magazine's Sydney Fox, Dr. Erik Dorf talked about injury and rehabilitation. Here is an excerpt of the interview where he discusses preventing injuries while changing sports:

Cycling provides little to no impact on joints, and after a full summer, the joints need to feel stress again before ski season. The transition season is a great time to include plyometrics and lateral movement, even if it’s only for 3 or 4 weeks. Additionally, although cycling can be a good core workout, skiing is much more intensely core. Core work from the winter translates great to the bike, but the core strength from cycling does not translate to skiing, so fall conditioning should include core work. Spring is great because nature forces us to slowly ease into a new sport. We have this cross over time where we are still skiing, but are able to ride our bikes for a couple of hours a week. During fall there is a more drastic transition.

If you make the transition between two sports too quickly, the tendon/bone interface becomes stressed. New sports create a lot of stress across the joints, which in turn, stress the tendon. I see a lot of tendonitis when people jump into a new sport immediately. Achilles tendonitis is common in cyclists after spending a season locked into ski boots.