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July 8, 2014, Mugonero, Rwanda

The brand new Pediatric Ward at the Mugonero Hospital was dedicated today by Rwandan Government officials, Adventist Council members, and representatives of Centura Health from Denver as well as Paul Chodkowski of the SASMC. It is a gorgeous new facility that was designed by Janet Sutterly of Breckenridge. Janet, you should be very proud, and I'm very sorry that you could not have been here to witness the fruition of your dedicated work.

We have completed a number of challenging surgeries here and a few more are scheduled over the next three days. The local providers and staff are exceptional people and invaluable workers. We could not complete such work without their help, humour, and support. 

Matt Cowell and Susan Zayas Gruber remain their unflappable and consistent selves, Monica clears the rooms of any gecko lizards for Cohan, Paula Enrietto is managing finding financial sponsors for so many youngsters with crippling problems, and Lynda Kythill keeps us all in line. 

Lala Salama,

Dr. Peter