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I have spent the last three days assisting my general physician friends Dr's. David and Justin at their small clinic located in the industrial zone of Goma, touring various hospitals here, and meeting with Administrative Director types to assess their needs and explore any potential opportunities to teach Ponseti and the use of the SIGN nail (

We also drove out of Goma town on the unpaved, volcanic rock (the volcano destroyed 40% of the city in late 2002), severely dusty, and pot hole ridden roads. Past the large 'displaced persons' camp of Mungunga of 30-40,000, to a village health clinic that was occupied by the M23 rebels last year who took all the OR equipment back with them into Uganda. We drove past the concertina wired, heavily armed and guarded, UN camps of Paraguay, India, and South Africa, I needed to wear a kerchief for the dust, and I was clearly instructed to not take any pictures of the Congolese Army that we passed.

I leave tomorrow to re enter Rwanda. I would like to thank Paula Enrietto, Susan Zayas Gruber, Matt Cowell, Lynda Kithill, Monica Cowing, Todd Rapp, and Cohan Zarnoch for all their time, dedication, patience, and perseverance. You helped many people.

Murakoze, cyane,

Dr. Peter

Matt Cowell/Susan Zayas Gruber, CRNAs, and the traveler, Safari, Head Nurse, Mogonero Hospital

South African UN Camp, Goma town, DRC, July, 2014

Monica, Peak One Surgery sorting SIGN nail equipment at Mugonero Hospital

"Displaced Persons" Camp, Goma town, DRC

Goma "Airport Road"