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Mwiriwe (good afternoon),

After a 7:00am breakfast of oatmeal and pineapple we began a long day of work. Here is an update on the projects underway:

Gazebo: The three other trusses were completed and all the trusses were positioned on the roof and welded.

Photo information: Tony Harris and Oswarde

Photo information: power source for Gazebo tools

L'Esperance Orphanage: In the morning Alex, Daniel, Annie and Ally worked in the fields with the children digging holes for future mango trees.  After that they assisted Ruth with her clinic where the children's general health was assessed.  Later the children were given a class on oral hygiene - flossing, brushing etc.

Medical: Three surgeries were performed today:

1.  Marianna - 80 yr. woman - had a distal femur fracture which was completely displaced.   She was sedated and given a spinal block.  They hollowed out her femur and placed a rod between the two sections of bone connecting the two sections of bone and attached with four screws.  After surgery, Marianna offered Susan a goat as payment for her services.

2.  Claude - ten year old boy with a wonderful smile - had a humerus fracture (just above the elbow) which was also displaced.  They made an incision around the elbow and put in two cross pins through the humerus to align it.

Photo information: Claude in pre-op.

3. Jean - 17 yr. boy - had a high femur displaced fracture which was approximately one month old.  This particular surgery took two and a half hours because it was nearly healed and a tourniquet could not be used.  Part of the bone needed to be chipped away, so that it could be realigned.  A large portion of the femur was hollowed out and a rod and three screws were inserted.

Due to the lengthy surgeries today, two of the five that were originally scheduled have been rescheduled for Thursday when three of the cases are severe, chronic, bone infections.  The four surgeries scheduled for tomorrow are still in place.

As I write this, it is 7:50pm and the nurses and doctor are just now returning from surgery to sit down to a well-deserved dinner of soup and bread.

Annie Harris

About the Rwanda Medical Missionary trip
Dr. Peter Janes of Vail-Summit Orthopaedics and a medical team will be traveling to Rwanda July 22-August 11 on a medical missionary trip. The group will be providing no-cost surgical, medical and community health programs, education, training and relief in an area where health care is often limited or difficult to obtain. Most surgeons fled the African country or were killed during the major genocide in 1994.

The group involves 20 participants, eight from Summit County, working on seven defined projects. Dr. Janes will be performing surgeries and conducting workshops to train local health care providers on how to correct club foot in newborns. This year he will be at three different hospitals; Rilima, Mugonero and CHUK, for a week each. In addition, there is a surgical team at King Faisal hospital in Kigali, working at the orphanage, and a team building a gazebo at Mugonero.

The group is sending home daily blog entries with photos and depictions of their daily experiences. Be sure to check the VSO Blog for updates.