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4  August, 2012, Mugonero Hospital, Western Province, Rwanda

Due to some fortunate circumstances, I have been offered the opportunity to return to the Mugonero Hospital to continue teaching and performing some surgeries with the local providers here.

The rest of our Centura Team has moved on today to return to the U.S. or to continue on to Safari at the Mara West in Kenya. While I already miss my wife, Patti, and my fellow team members, with all the amazing hard work and organization that they performed last week, they have left me in a very good situation to continue on here.  There are seven more surgeries scheduled for the next few days.

5 August, 2012

We started the first femur fracture around 10:30 AM this Sunday morning. Another SIGN nail, performed without Xray in the operating room, on an unfortunate HIV positive man who appears much older than his chronological age. We finished his surgery just after 1 PM, and another patient with a femur fracture is to begin around 3 PM. It’s a little slower going without all my Muzungu colleagues here.

The main sterilizing machine has broken down, and we could not proceed with the second femur surgery, which has now been moved to tomorrow. It means that we will also subsequently delay a boy who has now waited an entire week in hospital to treat the chronic bone infection (osteomyelitis) of his humerus upper arm bone.

I have a guard who sleeps in a grass hollow outside my guesthouse every night. We exchange few words in Kinyarwandan and Swahili each evening, and he tolerates my mispronunciations. As they provide me entirely too much food for dinner, I was able to give him a bit. 

Patti, Paula, Kay, Lynda, Susan & Matt, Claudia & Carlton, Jeanne, CJ Clinkscales & bro Alex, Annie & Tony, Deb, Todd, Ruth & Ally, and Greg/Annie/Daniel, to all our contributors to the medical/surgical mission and to the gazebo project back home, please know and realize that you’ve truly made the difference in the lives of many people in rural Rwanda– Murakoze, cyane. (Thank you, very much),

Peter Janes

About the Rwanda Medical Missionary trip
Dr. Peter Janes of Vail-Summit Orthopaedics and a medical team will be traveling to Rwanda July 22-August 11 on a medical missionary trip. The group will be providing no-cost surgical, medical and community health programs, education, training and relief in an area where health care is often limited or difficult to obtain. Most surgeons fled the African country or were killed during the major genocide in 1994.

The group involves 20 participants, eight from Summit County, working on seven defined projects. Dr. Janes will be performing surgeries and conducting workshops to train local health care providers on how to correct club foot in newborns. This year he will be at three different hospitals; Rilima, Mugonero and CHUK, for a week each. In addition, there is a surgical team at King Faisal hospital in Kigali, working at the orphanage, and a team building a gazebo at Mugonero.

The group is sending home daily blog entries with photos and depictions of their daily experiences. Be sure to check the VSO Blog for updates.