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7-8 August, 2012, Mugonero Hospital, Western Province, Rwanda

I’ve now told you of Joseph’s story, and I would like to tell and show you another. I tell this story with the utmost respect for his privacy, and I am well aware that my Afrikan colleagues are now reading the very same blog that you are at home in the United States.  May it bring all of us a bit closer.

A nineteen year old young man came to clinic this week having developed an infection in his upper arm bone, the humerus, about five years ago. Around a year ago, the bone pierced through his skin in the front of his shoulder and it has remained there untreated, draining fluid, dead, and smelling badly. Why he did not develop sepsis, entire infection of his body, and even die, is once again beyond my comprehension.

We removed the dead bone a few days ago, just as we had Joseph’s two years ago, and returned him to the operating room today to clean his wounds again, place antibiotic ”cement” beads on a string and will keep him on prolonged antibiotic treatment in hopes of controlling the chronic bone infection.


Peter Janes