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9 August, 2012, Kigali, Rwanda

I have one more patient’s story that I would like to tell. I have returned to the capital city of Kigali, Patti and the rest of the Safari team are returning home to the USA tonight, and I left the Mugonero Hospital having been able to assist with 18 surgeries and hoping to help a young lady named Jacueline, now 16 years old.

She came to the Mugonero Hospital in 2010 with chronic bone infections of both arms and an amputated left leg, above the knee. I had no concept of what to do for her then and I sent her away. She returned last year, and we treated the chronic infection of her left shoulder and elbow with a very good result. Therefore, this year we have initiated treatment of the chronic osteomyelitis of her right arm, the arm that she uses for her crutch to attempt ambulation.

The disabled are very marginalized in many developing countries, and the hope is to have Jacqueline evaluated at the Rilima Hospital where she may be able to have a prosthetic limb fabricated. This may increase her chances of social acceptance, attending school, and possibly finding a husband in the future.


Dr. Peter Janes