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As our team prepares for their journey to Rwanda next week, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the many of you who have expressed their interest and best wishes for our trip.  We could never undertake such an endeavour without the support of so many generous friends, colleagues, and our entire Summit County Community, and beyond.

This will be a very ambitious trip involving some 20 participants, eight of us from Summit County, and various people working on seven defined projects. More opportunities to assist will arise when we are there, I suspect, as they always do.

Annie and Tony Harris will be spearheading the construction of an open Gazebo on the Mugonero Hospital grounds to help the families of the patients to be protected from the sun and rain. The Summit County Builder’s Association has been a major benefactor of this project. (Deb Edwards hopes to help, if she leaves her high heels at home).

Matt Cowell, CRNA, and Patti Janes, RN will be working in the capital city of Kigali at the King Faisal Hospital assisting Dr. Carlton Clinkscales and his surgical team from Denver.

I will be working with Susan Zayas Gruber, CRNA, Kay “Kat” Roth, RN, as well as Lynda Kithill, RN and Paula Enrietto, MA, both from Denver, at the Mugonero Hospital.  I have been in touch with their medical staff and they are sending some XRs for review and preoperative planning, some of which appear to be quite challenging. The St. Anthony’s Summit Medical Center Hospital Foundation was very generous assisting some providers with their travel costs, and our Summit County Rotary with providing funding for medical supplies.

In addition some us will be working at two other hospitals, another group will be working at the L’Esperance orphanage near Mugonero, and a Rotary water project continues at Mugonero.

Whether a veteran and seasoned traveler or a first time participant, ever day is, and will be, an adventure.

The Summer/Fall 2012 issue of the Global Health Iniatives’ “Amazing Journeys” newsletter is available at

Murakoze cyane,

Peter Janes