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How to Prevent an Injury

Preventing injuries varies on your experience. Beginners, especially snowboarders, have to pad up. The “whiplash” of a beginner snowboard injury is fast and unpredictable, with common head injuries as you fall back. Wearing a helmet and wrist guards will keep you out of the hospital.

Stretching also can help prevent muscle tears, tendon tears and overuse-type injuries associated with using muscles uncommonly stressed. These tendons and muscles are routinely tested while skiing and snowboarding especially among the weekend warriors or the visitors who ski once a year.

Studies have convincingly shown if you apply enough physics to a knee, no external brace will effectively “prevent” a ligament injury. But it definitely provides a sense of feedback to your brain so that it knows where your knee is in space. This alone may provide a sense of protective sensibility as patients regularly report they have more confidence and security while skiing with a brace.