Dr. Sterett Talks Biologics on the VSON Podcast

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Dr. Bill Sterett is an expert on the use of biologics in orthopaedic surgery & sports medicine. He actively integrates biologics into many of his surgeries.

While biologics are a hot topic (with good reason), the treatments are still in their relative infancy, but according to Dr. Sterett, they have shown enough promise to make them one of the most exciting recent developments in the world of orthopaedics.

In this informative podcast, Dr. Sterett talks with Cortis about the different types and categories of biologics, explaining the difference between stem cell treatments, growth factors, and PRP treatments.

Dr. Sterett also gives his predictions for this year's ski season, and tells us why he thinks the U.S. Ski Team Athletes are such good role models. He also gives some tips for parents of female athletes and encourages them to reach out to Team Sterett for advice.

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Meet Dr. Bill Sterett

Knee, Shoulder, & Sports Medicine

Dr. Sterett has had the honor of being the Head Team Physician for the US Women's Ski Team since 1997.

That's 20 years of treating the world's top skiing talent. Every winter weekend, Dr. Sterett is poised to react to any situation, from emergency midnight calls to emergency surgeries.

The incredible racers of the U.S. Team know that Dr. Sterett has the experience and knowledge to treat any scenario.

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