Q&As For VSON Alpine Patients: What Does This Partnership Mean For You?

What does “merging” mean for Alpine?

Alpine Orthopaedics has been purchased by Vail-Summit Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery (VSON), allowing us to combine the invaluable resources of people, space, and technology to provide cost-effective, convenient, expert care for our mountain communities. Our new practice name is VSON Alpine.

Can I still see Dr. Beim, Amy, or Julia for my healthcare needs?

YES! Alpine’s existing providers are not going anywhere... Dr. Beim, Amy, Julia (and new physician, Dr. Adam Lindsay) will continue to be the primary providers for our Crested Butte, Gunnison, and Telluride locations.

Our goal is for other VSON sub-specialists to come to the Gunnison Valley as needed additionally, to provide care for conditions not currently served locally. In this way, patients will not have to leave the Valley for spine or hip conditions, for example, or for outpatient total joint replacement.

What phone number can I call to make an appointment?

Alpine’s main number (970-641-6788) will remain unchanged. Call us for scheduling, authorizations, medical records, and for after-hours urgent injury care. If your orthopaedic or sports medicine needs require the attention of a subspecialist from our extended VSON team, we can direct you from there.

What do I do if I need to pay a bill?

You can pay for all services rendered prior to September 1 to Alpine Orthopaedics, as instructed on your bill (via mail, by calling the office, or pay online via patientnotebook). Please note that patients are still responsible for services rendered prior to the merge. Unpaid balances will end up being sent to collections unless payment is made or payment plans are established.

Services rendered after August 31 will be billed by VSON and will come with new remittance instructions.

Will Alpine’s staff remain in place?

Yes (and we will enjoy the enhanced benefits that a larger, employee-centered company can offer – woo hoo!)

Where/how can I learn more about VSON?

Please visit vsortho.com and vsortho.com/alpine. We also invite all community members to attend our LAUNCH PARTY later this year/early 2022… Stay tuned for details!

Will Alpine retain access to my medical records?

Yes. As per Colorado law, we will ensure that all records are available for at least 7 years.

How will this merge impact the local orthopaedic/health community?

This is an important question and one that we do not take lightly…

We believe that a rising tide can float all boats (and we are definitely a rising tide)… We would love to see our local hospital, healthcare providers, and of course, patients share in all the benefits this opportunity has to offer. We believe that the more services, resources, and opportunities we can bring to the local healthcare community, the better for all.

As such, some of our goals include:

Bringing to the Gunnison Valley specialized and never-before-offered services to ensure that our residents and guests receive the best care possible, without having to leave the Valley.

Offering patients the safest and most cost-effective surgical outcomes possible…

Ambulatory surgery centers are known for their high patient satisfaction rates and lower rates of infection and complications. Additionally, ASC’s tend to be preferred by patients and insurance companies alike because, on average, they cost 1/3 of the price of hospital operating rooms. It is time that we make this resource more widely available for the patients of the Gunnison Valley by offering more surgeries for more conditions at Alpine Surgery Center.

Bringing research, development, and innovative surgical and recovery techniques to the Gunnison Valley through VSON’s non-profit organization, VSON Research & Education Foundation.

Dr. Beim has been on medical staff with Gunnison Valley Health for a quarter of a century… She loves GVH. Our local hospital is critical to our community, and we will always support it. Our other local healthcare providers are equally important to the health and vibrance of our locals and visitors.

It is important to us that the community knows that this joint venture is open to GVH and local providers as both a business opportunity and a way to better serve our collective patients. We believe there is strength in numbers, there are operational efficiencies to be realized, and that an ambulatory surgery center is in the best interest of any health system. We are hopeful that one day, we can all collaborate on a larger scale. Alpine Surgery Center is meant to be a community surgery center.

In the meantime, we are committed to supporting GVH and our colleague physicians and surgeons, as we always have. We may work for different organizations, but we are all on the same team.

What does VSON have to do with Vail?

Despite having the word “Vail” in its name, VSON is not a Vail-owned company. Rather, VSON started in Vail, before expanding to Summit and Granby Counties. While the organization has locations in areas that have seen significant growth, VSON has no economic affiliation with the corporations that have sponsored, driven, or promoted this growth.

In the world of orthopaedics, VSON is a small, independent orthopaedic and sports medicine practice, looking to maintain their independence (rather than be bought out by a private equity firm). They are stable, humble, and dedicated to the care of mountain communities - this is why we love them.

I have questions. Who do I reach out to?

In the Gunnison Valley, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Bonnie McDonald at bmcdonald@vsortho.net. In Eagle, Summit and Granby counties, please contact Megan Buhler at mbuhler@vsortho.com.

We are certain this is going to be a GREAT thing for the community. We want to make sure you feel that way too.

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