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Total Joint Replacement

Total joint reconstruction is a surgical procedure in which the damaged or diseased parts of the knee or hip joint are removed and replaced with an artificial implant to alleviate pain and restore function. The most common reason for needing a knee or hip replacement is osteoarthritis, a degenerative condition that causes the cartilage in the joint to wear away over time. This can lead to bone-on-bone contact, causing pain and inflammation in the joint. Other conditions that may necessitate a joint replacement include rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, fractures, and orthopedic trauma.


At Vail-Summit Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery, our total joint reconstruction specialists are renowned for their expertise in minimally-invasive and robotic-assisted surgeries and for their compassionate and patient-centered approach to care.

When Should I Consult a Total Joint Reconstruction Specialist?

Joint pain and stiffness can have a significant impact on your daily activities, mobility, and overall well-being. If you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms in your hip or knee joint, it's time to contact an orthopaedic total joint specialist:


  • Persistent pain or stiffness, especially in the morning or after sitting for long periods of time

  • Pain that wakes you up at night or prevents you from activity 

  • Difficulty walking or climbing stairs

  • Grinding or crunching sensation when moving the joint

  • Swelling or tenderness

  • Reduced range of motion

  • Instability


At Vail-Summit Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery, we understand that joint pain and discomfort can greatly impact your daily life and limit your ability to participate in the activities you love. That's why our team of highly-skilled total joint specialists are dedicated to providing the highest level of care in partial and total hip and knee replacements.


Our orthopaedic surgeons have superior knowledge and extensive experience in the latest surgical techniques and technologies, as well as an understanding that each patient is unique. They will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses your specific condition, goals, and lifestyle. From the initial consultation to post-operative care and rehabilitation, our team of experts will be by your side every step of the way, ensuring that you receive the best possible care and help you reclaim your active lifestyle.


My total knee replacement went so smoothly with Dr. Cafferky! I was on the surgery schedule just a few weeks after my consultation. At six weeks post-surgery, I can walk without pain and ride my bike around the neighborhood. The VS Orthopaedics team and my entire surgery experience at the Edwards Surgery Center was exceptional. I am looking forward to Fall mountain biking and skiing this winter.

Lauren S.

I am 76 years old and had a bilateral knee replacement on October 6th, 2021. My experience with Dr. Nathan Cafferky, his surgical team, and the entire staff couldn't have been more positive! I am back snow skiing, playing pickleball, hiking, and so many other things. Dr. Cafferky is not only a very talented surgeon but also a great communicator. I really appreciated his taking the time, pre-surgery, to explain the robotic-assisted surgical procedure he and his team use. Without any reservations, I strongly recommend Dr. Cafferky and Vail Summit Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery.

Richard S.

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Personalized Joint Replacements for Your Lifestyle

Whether the result of a prior trauma or degenerative disease, joint replacement can help you reclaim your life. At Vail-Summit Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery, our total joint physicians employ cutting-edge joint replacement surgery, including robotic knee and hip replacements. If severe joint pain is disrupting your life, the hip and knee replacement team at VSON will work with you to develop a treatment that fits your lifestyle. Schedule a consultation today and get back to doing the activities you love!

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