5 Common Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are regular occurrences in some of our most popular sports. Why? Because the ankle often absorbs a high level of force. This happens when an athlete twists away from a tackle, cuts to the basket, or changes direction.

The ankle must also absorb the initial impact when a player lands from a jump. This is another common situation that puts the ankle at risk for injury.

Ankle Injuries - Not Just in Contact Sports

You can see where landing in an unnatural position would put undue stress upon the ankle joint. But you don't have to play a contact sport for injuries to the ankle to happen. Runners, skiers, and hikers are also subject to common ankle injuries.

Heck, you could be walking off of a curb or down an ill-designed set of stairs and twist your ankle. We've all been there.

So you can see why there are so many ankle injuries, and why I'm so busy all the time. For those of you wondering, today I'm going to explore some of the more common ankle injuries. Let's call it the "top 5 ankle injuries." Here we go.


Ankle Injuries Are Common, Even If You Aren't Playing a Contact Sport

1. The Inversion Ankle Sprain

We mentioned that ankle injuries can happen to anyone. Meaning, you don't have to be competing in sports to suffer an ankle sprain. And the inversion ankle sprain is the type we see most often. We're talking up to 90% of people dealing with this hyper-common ankle injury.