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Back Pain Myths: Disc Degeneration is A Disease

by Dr. Scott Raub

For the next few weeks, our own Dr. Scott Raub will be exploring some of the major myths about back pain.

Myth 1: Disc degeneration is a disease

Many people believe disc degeneration is a disease, in the sense that there is a pathological problem or deficiency with the discs in their back.

However, this isn't true.

Disc degeneration is actually part of our aging process and can not be reversed.

Remember: Disc Degeneration Does Not Always Equal Pain!

It’s important to recognize that disc degeneration doesn’t always equal pain.

Just because our discs degenerate and lose some of their normal characteristics as we age doesn’t necessarily mean they will become painful.

We can treat disc issues that look abnormal on an MRI, yet these efforts may not always yield therapeutic results.

Stay tuned for more common myths surrounding back pain from Dr. Raub!


Dr. Raub is quick to point out that 90% of spinal conditions do not require surgical treatment; however, success is measured in degrees of improvement rather than total restoration.

The fact that there are no "biological restorative treatments" or "cures" for spinal injuries means that the patient plays an even bigger role as an active participant in creating good results.


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