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Dr. Braxton Co-Authors New Study

VSON is proud to announce that Dr. Ernest Braxton recently co-authored a study that is published in the latest issue of Spine Magazine.

The study is entitled: Postoperative Care Pathways Following Lumbar Total Disc Replacement

(For a full copy of the article, please visit Copyright © 2019 Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All rights reserved. )

The article contains several key points, as outlined here by Dr. Braxton.

Postoperative Care Pathways Following Lumbar Total Disc Replacement: Key Points

Establishing a postoperative clinical pathway algorithm may improve patient outcomes with respect to lumbar artificial disk.

Lack of Unanimity On Protocols Previously

Previously, there was a lack of unanimity, and many surgeons disagreed, on the

appropriate postoperative patient protocols and

rehabilitation expectations for lumbar artificial disk.

Expert Panel Reaches Consensus on Post-op Care Recommendatios

In a modified Delphi process, an expert spine surgeon

panel reached consensus on 11 postoperative care

recommendations pertaining to the recovery and

rehabilitation phase care for lumbar TDR patients.

Summary of Recommendations

This surgeon consensus study found agreement

for immediate postoperative ambulation, rapid

reduction in opioids within the first month, and

early return to work.


Dr. Ernest E. Braxton Jr. is a Board Certified neurosurgeon specializing in brain tumors, neurotrauma, and complex and minimally invasive outpatient spine surgery and artificial disc technology. He is passionate about minimally invasive spine surgery because patients return to performance faster. He is an expert with motion preservation technology such artificial disk surgery and has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Braxton is an Afghan war veteran with extensive experience caring for complex combat injuries during Operation Enduring Freedom.


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