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Pre-Season Ski Conditioning: Get Ready for Ski Season!

Dr. Erik Dorf spoke with the Summit Daily recently on the topic of pre-season ski conditioning. Here's an excerpt:

Three Reasons To Get Prepped Now For Ski Season

There are really three reasons to put some time in now in preparation for the ski season. First and foremost is injury prevention. There is nothing worse than getting really excited for a big season, and then having an early season injury change your plans.

The only way to guarantee a big snow year is to have an early season injury that keeps you from enjoying your winter. Secondly, all the time you put into your ski fitness now will make your enjoyment of the early season so much better. The (early-season) slopes are frequently crowded and the conditions suboptimal, so the more on the ball you can be the better. The third important reason to prepare for the upcoming season is so that you can maximize your improvement over the winter.

If you spend half the season fighting for your fitness, that only allows you another half a season to take advantage of this fitness to make significant strides in your technique. I have been skiing for 47 years now, and I am continually trying to get better, or at least, not get much worse!

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