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Dr Erik Dorf Talks About Making A Difference and Becoming Vail's "Local Boy" Orthopaedic Surgeon

Have you met Dr. Erik Dorf? He's an expert in Orthopaedic Trauma, Shoulder, Upper Extremities, and Knee injuries. This time on the VSON podcast, we talk to Dr. Dorf about his career in orthopaedics and cover a bevy of interesting ortho topics, including:

  • Dr. Dorf's motivation and inspiration in getting into orthopaedics— and his relationship with mentor, Dr. Peter Janes

  • How working with children in orthopaedics differs from working with adults

  • How parents should approach injuries to their children

  • What is like to be a "true local" in Vail, working in the community that he grew up in, and how being from the mountains helps him to relate to his patients

  • The factors to consider when it comes to practicing orthopaedics in a high-altitude community

  • Which injuries to watch out for as the summer wraps up

  • Where Orthopaedics is going in the future, and how it is working well in our current day and age

  • How biologics will help us increase outcomes in the future

Dr. Dorf also gives us a small snippet of advice when it comes to following your dreams in this informative and fun episode of the VSON podcast.

Enjoy the podcast, and for further patient education visit Dr. Dorf's website:


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