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Dr. Sterett Talks Olympics and Orthopaedics

Vail Knee Surgeon
Dr. Bill Sterett has been the Head Physician for the U.S. Women's Alpine Team for over 20 years.

VSON Surgeon and Head Team Doc for the U.S. Women's Alpine Ski Team, Dr. Bill Sterett, was recently featured in the Summit Daily news. Dr. Sterett sheds light on what it's like to be a veteran of 4 Olympic games, keeping some of the world's top athletes ready to compete at the highest level.

He also gives us some tips on how to stay on the hill longer and stronger and avoid injury:

I would tell all of our skiers and snowboarders to make sure they are taking adequate breaks, keep up on their water and snacks, and be super cautious when the clouds are out and it hasn’t snowed for 3 days or more. - Dr. Sterett

Dr. Sterett is an integral part of VSON and one of the top knee surgeons in the country. To find out more about him, visit


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