Get To Know Dr. Max Seiter | Colorado Sports Medicine Specialist

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Dr. Seiter developed his interest in sports medicine at an early age. When he was in high school, he and his father were involved in a serious car accident that left his father with severe injuries, including a fractured spine. Witnessing his father's road to recovery had a tremendous impression on him as a young man, and it was then that he decided to go to medical school.

After graduating with highest honors at The University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Seiter attended medical school at the University of Texas’ UT Southwestern Medical School. His interests in orthopaedics were reaffirmed by the field's tangible nature, and the ability to return patients to doing what they love most. After medical school, he attended residency at the University of Miami, where he worked with collegiate and professional sports teams, including the Miami Hurricanes and the Miami Marlins.

"As an athlete myself, it was very inspiring for me to have the opportunity to return high-level athletes to their utmost level of performance," Dr. Seiter said. His on-the-field coverage included sideline support, daily clinic visits, and surgeries.

His residency training included thousands of surgeries performed at Jackson Memorial Hospital, a nationally renowned, Level 1 Trauma Center. His surgical procedures had an intense focus on trauma care, and provided robust experience with sports medicine and joint preservation and reconstruction.

After residency, Dr. Seiter went on to complete his fellowship at the Steadman-Philippon Research Institute in Vail, Colorado. He expanded on his orthopaedic training at Steadman with a sub-specialty focus on sports medicine and complex procedures for the athlete. His fellowship gave him immersive experience with hip pathology and arthroscopy, and complex knee and shoulder procedures, including reconstruction as well as joint preservation.

Dr. Seiter continued working with top athletes throughout his fellowship, performing various knee ligament reconstructions, shoulder instability procedures, and hip scopes. Some of the athletes he treated during his fellowship include NFL players, which has been a motivating experience for Dr. Seiter.

"Watching patients we treated return to play at the highest level or progress through the draft and make it into the NFL was very impactful for me," he said.