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VSON Announces New Partnertship With Middle Park Health & Dr. Rick Pfeiffer

Dr. Richard Pfeiffer, who has been providing orthopaedic care across the nation for more than two decades, is bringing his sports medicine expertise back to the Colorado High Country at our VSON location at Middle Park Health (MPH) in Granby.

MPH partnered with VSON last June to recruit Dr. Pfeiffer from a Florida-based private practice. Though he and his family are making a big change relocating cross-country, Dr. Pfeiffer says they are excited to get back to their roots in Colorado.

“We’ve been Coloradans for most of our lives,” Pfeiffer said. “The work in Florida is a lot different. It’s much more elderly folks and less sports medicine and the things you see up in the mountains. I’m more of a sports guy.”

Dr. Pfeiffer was born and raised in Colorado Springs and spent years falling in love with the outdoor activities our patients are so enamored with. By joining our team of world-class surgeons at VSON, Dr. Pfeiffer is achieving two of his most important goals: returning to his home state and providing top-level orthopaedic care to the community he’s proud to belong to once again.

Aside from the lifestyle offered by Grand County, Pfeiffer was attracted to Middle Park Health by the staff members, who are always willing to collaborate and provide the best possible care to patients.

“I like to treat my patients the way I would want to be treated,” he said. “I’ve found over the years that if we have that relationship people tend to feel more comfortable, but also I think a lot of the time the results are better.”

Dr. Pfeiffer is also excited to be joining the VSON surgeon roster and hopes to reinforce the VSON standard of care at MPH.

“Vail-Summit Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery has always been a premier group,” Dr. Pfeiffer said. “I want to maintain the level of excellence and expertise that VSON provides for the people of Grand County.”

Middle Park Health’s Community Relations Director Tiffany Freitag added that Pfeiffer’s hiring is an effort to maintain connection with patients as the demand continues to increase.

“We are growing, but we still want that personal care,” Freitag said. “Patients aren’t numbers to us, we want to know them by name and get to know them and help them through whatever they’re here for.”

For more information about orthopaedic services or to make an appointment, call Middle Park Health at 970-887-5800.


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