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When Do You Need Wrist Surgery?

The wrist is a complex joint that bridges the bones, ligaments, and muscles of the hand to those of the forearm. Pain in the wrist is quite common, but identifying the source of it can be difficult, as there are a multitude of injuries and conditions that can cause wrist pain.

What Are Common Causes of Wrist Pain?

Wrist pain can be the result of a condition that has developed over time or from overuse injuries such as the following

  • tendonitis (medically referred to as tendinitis)

  • carpal tunnel syndrome

  • arthritis

  • as the result of an injury from an accidental fall or recent sports injury, such as a fracture or sprain.

Though often associated with sudden or acute injuries, such as sprains or fractures, wrist pain can also be brought on by more long-term issues, such as repetitive stress or overuse, arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

With regard to chronic conditions, such as tendonitis (medically referred to as tendinitis) and carpal tunnel, your pain and discomfort may significantly worsen, if left untreated. This may implicate wrist surgery as a viable treatment option to relieve pain and restore function to your wrist.

When Should You See a Specialist for a Wrist Injury?

It may be time to seek treatment with a wrist specialist if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

• Increased pain in the wrist or thumb • Tingling or numbness in the hand and forearm • Swelling or bruising on or around the wrist and forearm • Inability to carry, open, or twist objects without pain • Difficulty straightening the afflicted wrist

Should You Get Wrist Surgery?

Wrist pain can make simple, everyday tasks challenging. Your wrist doctor should be committed to developing customized treatment plans to accommodate your individual condition and get you back to your active lifestyle quickly and safely.

While wrist conditions and injuries sometimes require surgical intervention, only consider wrist surgery after nonsurgical methods have proven unsuccessful. If surgery is necessary for you to make a full recovery, ask your wrist doctor about using the safest and latest surgical methods proven to ensure optimal outcomes.


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