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Can Biceps Tendonitis Become a Biceps Tear?

Tendonitis of the biceps can cause pain and tenderness at the front of the shoulder or elbow.

Tendonitis of the biceps is a common complaint of upper arm pain. Biceps pain and biceps tears are conditions that affect the biceps muscle and the associated tendons. This condition can cause pain and tenderness at the front of the shoulder or elbow.

Patients are concerned, "Can biceps tendonitis become a biceps tear?" Vail-Summit Orthopaedic & Neurosurgery's team of shoulder specialists provides advanced diagnostics and treatment for patients experiencing bicep pain, biceps tendonitis, and biceps tear.

Our biceps specialists include:

Biceps Tendonitis / Biceps Tear

Biceps tendonitis is an inflammation of the biceps tendon typically caused by heavy lifting, repetitive overhead arm movement, and normal wear and tear. Symptoms of biceps tendonitis include pain with lifting and overhead movement, swelling, weakness, and decreased range of motion.

A biceps tear is indicated by a partial or complete tear of the biceps tendon. It is typically caused by trauma, heavy lifting, forceful movement, or sports injury. A popping sensation, swelling, weakness, and deformity of the upper arm may occur. Degeneration over time is also a cause.

Can Biceps Tendonitis Become A Biceps Tear?

Yes. Biceps tendonitis can progress to a partial or complete biceps tear. Contributing factors include:

  • Untreated biceps tendonitis - Inflammation and repetitive stress weakens the tendon

  • Overhead motion - Repetition wears down the tendon

  • Aging - Loss of flexibility in muscle and tendons increases the risk

  • Trauma - Fall, impact, and forceful contraction of the biceps

  • Biomechanics - poor posture, abnormal body mechanics, muscle imbalance

It is important for patients to seek care for biceps pain to avoid developing biceps tendonitis and a potential biceps tear. VSON shoulder doctors provide expert care for patients.

VSON Advanced Medical Care for Biceps Injury

The VSON team of shoulder specialists provides a comprehensive care plan for patients with biceps pain, biceps tendonitis, and biceps tear. Proven advanced biceps injury care includes:

  • Diagnostic imaging - MRI and ultrasound provide a detailed visualization of the biceps and surrounding structures. Findings identify precise conditions and treatments.

  • Rehabilitation/physical therapy - Specialized exercises, manual therapy, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation promote healing and increase strength, flexibility, and function.

  • Regenerative medicine - platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapies promote healing.

  • Biomechanical correction - identify underlying biomechanical or muscle imbalances and correct them with exercises and other interventions.

  • Arthroscopy - when surgery is indicated, advanced arthroscopic techniques are utilized for precise assessment and repair of biceps tears and contributors to biceps pain.

  • Tenodesis - surgical reattachment of a torn biceps tendon.

It is important for patients experiencing biceps pain to seek treatment. Our VSON team of shoulder specialists provides an accurate diagnosis of biceps tendonitis and advanced proven treatment to repair biceps tears and prevent one from developing. Request a consultation today.


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