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Three Common Causes of Hip Pain (That Aren’t Arthritis)

Hip injury and hip pain are daily challenges for 1 in 10 Americans. Nearly 15% of individuals over the age of 60 report having hip pain. Patients often ask, “What are the common causes of hip pain?” There are three common causes of hip pain that aren’t arthritis. Vail-Summit Orthopaedics & Neurology (VSON) has the orthopaedic expertise to help patients determine the cause of hip pain.

VSON hip pain patients receive state-of-the-art diagnostics and a range of non-surgical and surgical treatment options. Dr. Max Seiter is our highly experienced and trained hip surgeon.

Three common causes of hip pain include:

Bursitis of the Hip

A common hip injury is hip bursitis. The hip has two essential bursae, which are small sacs of viscous fluid that support smooth joint function, the trochanter bursa, and the Iliopsoas bursa. These two bursae can become inflamed due to overuse, injury, and disease.

Symptoms of hip bursitis include a sharp, intense ache in the hip and pain that increases when rising from sitting, going up and down stairs, and doing squats. A medical examination and imaging can confirm a diagnosis of bursitis of the hip. Non-surgical treatment is typically the first option. Dr. Seiter will prescribe avoiding trigger activities, pain management, physical therapy, short-term use of crutches or cane, and injection therapy. When symptoms don’t respond, arthroscopic, minimally invasive surgery is an option.

Tendonitis of the Hip

Another common hip injury that can cause pain is hip tendonitis. Tendons are cord-like structures that attach bone to muscle. Overuse and straining of the hip flexor muscle group at the groin can cause minor tears and strains to the tendons. These injuries can lead to an imbalance of the hip muscles, tenderness to the touch, and pain with movement. Hip tendonitis is chronic for patients involved in sports that involve repetitive motion. A detailed diagnosis will confirm hip tendonitis. In most cases, this is treated conservatively, much like bursitis of the hip.

Hip Labral Tear

Hip function is supported by a labral ring of thick tissue that encircles the joint. Trauma, repetitive motion, overextension, and abnormal shape at the joint can cause pinching, catching, fraying, and tearing of the labral tissue. Patients with a labral tear experience a clicking sensation with movement, stiffness, loss of range of motion, and pain at the hip, groin, or buttocks. An examination and diagnostic imaging – often an MRI scan – will confirm a hip injury or labral tear. Non-surgical treatments are begun, and in cases where the condition does not improve or worsens, hip labral tear surgery is available. This is an arthroscopic minimally invasive surgery, providing patients with a shorter recovery period.

Hip Pain? Contact Our Orthopaedic Hip Experts Today!

VSON hip injury orthopaedic specialists are available today to help patients dealing with the causes of hip pain. There is no common hip injury when it comes to our individual patients. Every patient is a priority. We are committed to keeping you active in the lifestyle you enjoy.


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