Do You Need To Have Surgery For a Meniscus Tear?

Is The Meniscus Tear a Common Injury?

Meniscus tears are a fairly common injury, both in athletes, weekend warriors, and even regular folks doing everyday things. And from golfers to skiers to football players, this c-shaped piece of cartilage known as the meniscus is crucial.

Why? Because the meniscus acts as a "cushion" for the knee joint.

Is Surgery Necessary for Meniscus Tear?

We've established that meniscus tears are a fairly common orthopaedic injury. But do they require surgery?

We've got a few options when it comes to treating meniscus tears. Though you may have heard that surgery is the only option, that's not always true. The meniscus may heal by itself.

Let's go over some of the possible scenarios here today.

Meniscus Tears Don't Always Need Surgery

Meniscus tears don't always need to be surgically repaired. But, many times, we recommend that they get fixed surgically.

The trick with a meniscus tear is that you might have the injury, without the symptoms.

There are plenty of cases when a meniscus tear is present, but the injured athlete doesn't even suspect they have an injury.